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The New York State VOAD is interested in any comments, questions and concerns related to disaster response, relief, recovery or preparedness. Also, if there is anyone that is interested in learning about any volunteer opportunities, please feel free to contact the New York State VOAD.  


Address inquiries to For a prompt response, please be sure to state your reason for emailing in the subject line.

For Example: "Question about NYVOAD", "Volunteer", "Sandy Recovery" or other concerns.


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New York VOAD Staff

Nicholas Croce

Coordinator, Partner Services

New York Disater Interfaith Services (NYDIS)

(646) 809-2670


Nicholas Croce was hired in July 2017 by New York Disaster Interfaith Services (NYDIS) to support New York VOAD. He holds a Master of Public Policy in Poverty Alleviation from Brandeis University, and a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies (Interfaith Studies; Peace and Justice Studies) from Nazareth College of Rochester, NY. He served for six years as a national and local response volunteer for the American Red Cross. Additionally, he served as a New York VOAD / American Red Cross Preparedness Corps AmeriCorps in 2010 and 2011. He lives in Queens, NY.  


Staff Notes

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