About New York VOAD


New York VOAD is the state chapter of National VOAD.                                

The VOAD consists of organizations active in disaster response throughout the state of New York. Many of our members are human services providers who seek to prepare for events that may impact their clients and stakeholders.

The VOAD's role is to bring organizations together and enable them to understand each other and work together during times of disaster preparedness, response, relief and recovery. 

​You can read our bylaws here.


New York State VOAD adheres to the principles established by National VOAD. These foundational principles are referred to as the Four C's:







The Four C's, in addition to National VOAD's points of consensus serve as the guiding values for New York State VOAD as it collaborates with local, regional and national partners to coordinate disaster relief, response and recovery efforts.

New York State VOAD Focus for 2019


1.      Ensuring the membership directory is current and accurate.

2.      Developing & enhancing collaborative relationships with local COADs within New York State.

3.      Connecting our members and partners to training and collaboration opportunities.

4.      Developing a committee structure which builds upon existing capacities and networks of our members.


This has been a very busy few months and looks to be so for the future. We stand ready to support our members and the clients they serve in preparing for and responding to disasters. Please let us know your needs and thoughts; we will do our best to respond with the care and expertise you expect.

New York VOAD - COAD Map


Disasters typically start locally and end locally; the early stages of disaster response and disaster recovery are typically led by local groups. New York VOAD, the State VOAD for New York State, supports local COADs and VOADs in their mission to bring together human services organizations, nonprofits, disaster response agencies, and other community partners to prepare for, respond to, and recover from disaster. 


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